David Toomer is an internationally recognized scientific researcher and a current freshman at Stanford University. He hails from Alexandria, Virginia—just a few metro stops short of Washington, D.C. He is passionate about merging his skills in computer science and biology to develop new technologies for improving human health.

David loves writing poetry, and as such, he is a member of the nationally ranked Stanford Spoken Word Collective. He enjoys writing pieces about memory and identity in his free time, and he works hard to bridge the gap between past and present. Some of his other hobbies include playing volleyball, fashion, and crocheting.

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David is interested in using computational genomics and the frontiers of molecular biology to create new, effective treatments for chronic diseases. His research has consistently led him to present at large scientific events in the presence of world-renowned research scientists.

David is currently studying Chemistry and Biomedical Computation—a major in the Stanford University Bioengineering Department that combines computer science and biology—in order to further his interest in research at school. Additionally, he is a research assistant at the Stanford School of Medicine in the Svensson Lab, where he has learned advanced lab techniques and is able to integrate computer science with pathology research.



David's poetic work navigates what it means to exist in the present while exploring the influence of the past and memory. He writes traditional poetry as well as spoken word poetry, which he has performed at local open mics, symposia, and poetry slams.

David is a member of Stanford's Spoken Word Collective (pictured), which is a student organization dedicated to cultivating exquisite emotion to generate explosive written and spoken poetry.