the taste of a grapefruit

i wonder if she is poison.

mother nature gave her
children eyes to avoid
ingesting death disguised by rich
reds and oranges;

she said
"nothing can be this bright
and still be holy."

so Eden is a citrus,
or Eve was a martyr
regurgitated by the angels
into white pulp and spherical
orange walls for me
to relive her life.
a heavenly temptation.

beauty and pain
transcending reincarnation.
her antagonistic coral shell
undresses for me,
elegant in her shambling
skin, as if naked holiness
was lethal and contained
in blood orange juice.

heaven reverberates
in splatters across
the inside of my cheeks.
i squint as another soul
squeezes into my body,
swallow a tartness
from tears of excommunication,
exhale a sweet joy
as i am deprived of myself.

and now i am Eve;
shelled, blamed,
tortured in paradise,
reduced to a uselessly beautiful rind
for as long as i can taste
the remnants of this ambrosia,
for as long as her soul
does not evaporate from my taste buds.